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Compensation Strategy Development

The protocol's compensation strategy drives program design. C3 spends time understanding the protocol's compensation history, governance structure, and strategy, which is summarized and communicated to appropriate parties. 


Team Treasury

The token pool can be a sensitive issue, but maintaining a healthy team treasury ensures contributors are properly motivated long-term. C3 can review the team treasury and analyze estimated duration and potential dilution to tokenholders.   

Competitive Benchmarking 

The protocol's program is benchmarked against market data, to the extent available. Analyses may include:

  • Pay levels and mix

  • Realized pay (vested/sold)

  • Token holdings

  • Vesting terms

  • Severance provisions

Governance & Compliance

C3 has experience with robust technical and legal compensation complexities at corporations. As the industry evolves, C3 will be well-equipped to navigate through issues such as, disclosures, ownership guidelines, tax and accounting, and regulatory considerations.

Incentive Plan


To drive performance and hold leaders accountable, incentive plans should include performance components. C3 can help with:

  • Short- (annual) and long-term (>1 year) plans

  • Performance metrics

  • Goal-setting and vesting

  • Accounting and tax 

Ongoing, Independent Advice

Governance structures are evolving and C3 has experience communicating programs to shareholders and investors. We are also here to serve in an ongoing advisory capacity as your protocol tackles unique compensation issues. 


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